The most important thing to me is to deliver photos to people that they love and can cherish forever. I love working with people who inspire me, aren't afraid to show their beauty, love or themselves as they are and love and appreciate me and the work that I do! So, if you are here because you want someone to capture you, your story and your love, please get in touch! Let’s connect!



1. Bride & Groom full names

2. Wedding Location or Venue (Name & Address)

3. Wedding Photography Budget

4. Tell me a little bit about yourselves! What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies? What is your typical date night?

5. Tell me a little bit about your relationship! How did you meet? How long have you been together? What is something that is evident about your relationship?

6. Are you interested in a first look? (Where the groom will see you before the ceremony.)

7. Tell me about your vision for your wedding day! What’s your aesthetic, style, etc.

8. What are you looking for in a wedding photographer?

9. Why did you choose to reach out and connect with me? Did my photos make you feel something, did you connect with my bio. I’d love to learn why you thought we might be a good fit!

10. What more can I share about myself that would help you learn a bit more about me as a photographer and a person?

11. How did you hear about Jaelynn Rose Photography?

12. Can we connect on any other social media platforms?? Please include your links in the form!

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Wedding/Event Date (if applicable)